Project History

New Zealand Nature Institute – Initiative for People Centered Conservation
Record of Project Implementation and Contracts in Mongolia, and in the Region

Project/Activities Partner Organizations Client/Donor /Cooperation Implementing Area Period
Lecture Series “Protected Areas and Tourism Management” National University of Mongolia n.a. n.a. Spring Semester
Design and Logistics Support “Success Factors common to Grassland Conservation Initiatives - Improving Grasslands Management for the Benefit of People and Nature” Community Organizations in 9 Soums of 3 Aimags, Local Governments The Nature Conservancy (TNC) South Gobi, Uvurkhangai and Bayankhongor Aimags June-Sep 2010
Rehabilitation of Degraded Land and Protection of Water, Pasture and Forest Resources Darkhid Community Households, and Local Government of Bayanzurkh District, NZNI support, seeking cooperation and donors Darkhid Valley, Shar Kholoi Bag of Baynzurkh District Ongoing
Capacity Development for Mongolian NGO “People Centered Conservation” Ongoing      
“Value Addition and international Niche Marketing of Bactrian Camel Wool Yarn – Experiences from Mongolia’s South Gobi” Camel Herder Communities, Women Spinners - Cooperative League for Pastoral Peoples, World Initiative for Sustainable Pastoralism, IUCN Omnogobi Aimag Gurvantes Soum, Bayankhongor Aimag Bayanlig Soum 2008
Facilitating Participatory Evaluation and Planning with local Communities, Stakeholder Consultations and Final Strategy Planning for TNC Support in Toson Hulstay Nature Reserve, Mongolia Local governments in 2 provinces and 5 districts in Eastern Mongolia The Nature Conservancy (TNC) 5 districts (soums) in Khentie and Dornod Provinces (Aimags) December 2007 – July 2008
Participatory Research - “Governance and Ecosystems Management for the CONservation of BIOdiversity” (GEMCONBIO) Grassroots organizations of mobile pastoralists in 3 Gobi Aimags CENESTA (Centre for Sustainable Development), and IUCN 9 soums in 3 Gobi Aimags (Omno Gobi, Ovorkhangai, Bayankhongor) Commencing 2007, preparation phase
Policy study, “Building an enabling environment for pastoral sustainable rangeland management through enhanced local-level advocacy based on sound knowledge management on the impact of current policies on pastoralism” Mongolia,. 2006/7 Grassroots organizations of mobile pastoralists in 3 Gobi Aimags WISP - World Initiative for Sustainable Pastoralism/IUCN- The World Conservation Union 9 soums in 3 Gobi Aimags (Omno Gobi, Ovorkhangai, Bayankhongor) 2006-2007
“Initiating Community led Poverty Reduction and sustainable Natural Resource Management within the Rural Poverty Reduction Programme, Mongolia” Rural Poverty Reduction Programme, Mongolia, Project Implementation Unit Arkhangai, local governments, Rangeland Management and Monitoring Committees, local community organizations SCOPE – Strengthening Capacities of Organizations of the Poor- Experiences in Asia, ANGOC/CIRDAP (Asian NGO Coalition/Center on Integrated Rural Development for Asia and the Pacific) 2 soums (Tsenkher, Tuvshruulekh) of Arkhangai Province 03/2006 – 04/2007
“Good Governance for Sustainable Natural Resource Management and Poverty Reduction- Scaling up through Community Led Learning” Local (soum) governments, Buffer Zone Councils, 23 Community Organizations IFAD 9 soums in 3 Gobi Aimags (Omno Gobi, Ovorkhangai, Bayankhongor) 03/2007 – 03/2008
“Conservation and Sustainable Management of Natural Resources – Gobi Component” MNE, Local Governments Community Organizations MONGOLIA GTZ/BMZ German Government Omno Gobi Uvurkhangai Bayankhongor Aimags 2002- 2006
NRM Component, Formulation Mission, Modular Rural Development Programme,   IFAD Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, PRC 2006
“Local Livelihoods and Access to Forest Resources” Local Communities Local Governments FAO, Livelihoods Support Programme Khentie, Bulgan, Arkhangai, Huvsgul, Bayankhongor Aimags 2005-2006
“Rural Poverty Reduction Program – Mid Term Progress Review”, Components Participatory Approaches and Natural Resources RPRP Mongolia - Ministry for Food and Agriculture, MONGOLIA IFAD Arkhangai, Bulgan, Huvsgul, Khentie 2005
“Capacity Building Needs Assessment of IFAD Rural Poverty Reduction Programme” RPRP Mongolia, MONGOLIA ANGOC (Asian NGO Coalition) Arkhangai, Bulgan, Huvsgul, Khentie 2005
Project Development “Good Governance for Natural Resource Management and Poverty Reduction Community Organizations, Local Government NZAID Bayankhongor, Omnogobi 2005
Developing Capacity for Increased Fuel Efficiency for Biodiversity Protection and Livelihood Improvement in the Southern Gobi Community Organizations, Local Government Canada Fund Omnogobi, Uvurkhangai, Bayankhongor 2004-2005
Facilitating Experience Sharing on People-centered Conservation and Community-driven Poverty Reduction in the Gobi Community Organizations, Bufferzone Councils Local Governments UNDP IDRC WWF GTZ China Omnogobi, Uvurkhangai, Bayankhongor 2003-2006
Participatory Impact Analysis of the Arkhangai and Huvsgul Rural Poverty Alleviation Project Local government and Ministry of Food and Agriculture IFAD Arkhangai and Huvsgul Province 2004
Integrating Takhi Re-Introduction and Park Management with local Livelihoods in Great Gobi B Local governments, Great Gobi Protected Areas Administration ITG, International Takhi Group Gobi Altai Province 2003

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