Community Operational Planning Workshop for the “Water for Life” project

November 12th, 2011, saw the first activity with the Water for Life project in the Darkhid Valley project site area. The Darkhid community was joined by local and Ulaanbaatar government officials including the Vice Governor of the Bayanzurkh District, the Ulaabaatar Capital City Environmental Office, the Water Authority of the Ministry for Nature, Environment and Tourism, as well as the local Shar Holoi district governor. A 5 minute news report on the project and watershed management was created and shown on national TV as well as several newspaper articles following the workshop.

Darkhid Workshop

NZNI and the Darkhid Community win Toyota Foundation Grant Award

“Water for Life” – The Darkhid Valley Community Land Restoration Project for Watershed Protection”.
In September 2011, the Toyota Foundation under their Asian Neighbors Program, awarded NZNI and the Darkhid Valley Community 7 million yen (91,000 USD) for support in a two year effort to undertake community land management practices for watershed protection. The Darkhid Valley area of Shar Holoi Bag, Bayanzurkh District of Ulaanbaatar Capital City will be the target area for the project to implement “on the ground” practical interventions in stream, pasture, forest and wetland rehabilitation. The Bayanzurkh District of Ulaanbaatar Capital City is a major partner in the project with very positive support.

Sogi accepting grant award and Mr. Okuda With all Asian Neighbors Grantees and TF staff.

The Darkhid Valley Land Restoration and Management for Water Protection Project receives support from private donor for conservation efforts and working with local community herders.
In April of 2011, Siu Ling Koo of Amsterdam generously donated 10,000 Euro’s (14,000 USD) towards the project. The funds will be used to undertake a variety of conservation measures that include stream restoration work, rehabilitate an old gravel pit that is attracting rubbish dumping, provide training to the local herder communities, improve livestock veterinary care and develop mechanisms for improved land management. Funding from Siu Ling Koo has also helped highlight the project activities helping to gain further support and funding from Japan.

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