International Links of NZNI

NZNI-IPECON maintains close contact and cooperation with international institutions in conservation and development, such as the International Center for Protected Landscapes (ICPL), and key staff are members of professional organizations and active partners in international initiatives including

  • IUCN CEESP (Commission on Environmental, Economic and Social Policy):
        o Theme on the Social and Environmental Accountability of the Private Sector (SEAPRISE)
        o Theme on Governance, Equity and Rights (TGER)
        o (TILCEPA) (joint theme by CEESP and WCPA (World Commission on Protected Areas)
        o Theme / Strategic Direction on Governance, Communities, Equity, and Livelihood Rights in Relation to Protected Areas
  • George Wright Society (US based Association of Protected Area Professionals)
  • WAMIP (World Alliance of Mobile Indigenous Peoples), Supporting Member
  • The Society for Range Management
  • ICCA Consortium (Indigenous and Community Conserved Areas Consortium)

NZNI key staff  have been involved in international initiatives in research, advocacy and development practice concerned with community based conservation, landscape approaches to conservation and with pastoral mobility as a crucial strategy for the sustainable management of drylands. NZNI staff were involved in key international initiatives such as the “Dana Declaration on Mobile Peoples and Conservation.” (Dana Reserve, Jordan, 2002).

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