NZNI-IPECON in Mongolia

The New Zealand Nature Institute (NZNI) is a a non-government, non-profit organizationthat was incorporated under the Charitable Trusts Act 1957, No. CH/647294, New Zealand Department of Justice in 1994.

Since 2003, NZNI is registered as International NGO in Mongolia (Registration Number (P-1033727) thereby legally empowered to implement projects funded by third parties or by own funding.

The Initiative for People Centered Conservation (IPECON) is the international  programme of the New Zealand Nature Institute. We establishedthe program as a working platform and implementing partner to operationalise   support to community driven conservation and people-centered development.

NZNI- IPECON has a track record of participatory practice and research in Mongolia.

NZNI-IPECON has implemented a series of projects on the governance of natural resources through innovative approaches including landscape level planning approaches and collaborative management, community conservation initiatives, and community based natural resource management.

We recognize community-based approaches as an important tool, while placing equal importance on the role of government agencies in law enforcement, good governance and in providing an enabling policy framework for sustainable natural resource management and development.

In recent years, we have re-defined our focus to local level, hands-on ecological restoration projects with local communities. This, we believe, is the most urgent and for a small organization the most effective means to address the environmental challenges we all face – to restore soils that support life and that can be the most significant contributor to the sequestration of carbon, thereby combating climate change.

NZNI-IPECON has been contracted for the implementation of long-term development and conservation projects and undertaken assignments in project design and evaluation.

A long-term project on Conservation and Sustainable Management of Natural Resources implemented by NZNI-IPECON is recognized as exemplary in participatory practice and the project areas have become much visited sites for study tours from within Mongolia and the region.

NZNI-IPECON has undertaken research and implemented projects in all ecological zones in Mongolia with major studies in the forest steppe and taiga zone including the Khentii and Central Province and long-term involvement in the Gobi region.

In recent years, NZNI staff  have also worked in Western China, Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka and Laos. Previous regional experience includes Oman, New Zealand, USA, Germany and Antarctica.

In-Country Capacity Building by NZNI

NZNI-IPECON maintains capacity building efforts in previous project areas in the Gobi to develop local training capacity for sustainable NRM, for community driven approaches to conservation and development and for collaborative management.

The annual report for 2010 provides details on support to local and national NGOs and Community Based Organizations.

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